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Importing and Selling / Buying Sword Canes in UK – United Kingdom

Importing and Selling / Buying Sword Canes in UKUnited Kingdom


In a nutshell , swordcanes are illegal in the UK , with a few exceptions which I will discuss below. Illegal importation and/or possession of sword canes in the UK can lead to a fine and / or jail for up to ten years, not to mention confiscation. Therefore, unless you legitimately full under the exemptions of the Offensive Weapons Act, I would strongly suggest you do not import or own a sword cane in the United Kingdom.


What constitutes an offensive weapon in the United Kingdom

Offensive weapons are those designed to kill or inflict serious injury and which have no real legitimate use. Such weapons are restricted and or banned from being imported into the UK and can be seized by UK Border Agency (UKBA) officers. In the case of sword canes :


“weapons with a concealed or disguised blade or sharp point – eg swordsticks”


Circumstances where sword canes can be imported into the UK

Some organizations are allowed to possess sword canes – for specified purposes.

Groups permitted to import or possess sword canes include:

  • museums, galleries and universities – to research, display, present or interpret material of artistic, historic or scientific interest – such imports may also qualify for relief from duty and VAT
  • HM forces
  • visiting forces

There are also permitted exceptions or reasons to the import restrictions which include:

  • theatrical performances
  • theatrical performance rehearsals
  • the production of films
  • the production of television programs

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